The aviation experience, flight data measurement, mathematical models computation and airborne flying objects movement prediction can be tracked back to the 1993.

  • 1994 – a proposal of system to assist in an „amateur“ pilot error elimination and functional in-flight tests realization, see the video.

  • 1995-2002 – research and development  of higher accuracy aircraft attitude and movement prediction system. Development of miniaturized electronics to allow or using of the system in general aviation, including certification procedures.

  • 2002 – the launch of commercial Vision4D development including 4D autopilot. Built in SkyLark is now being readied for Friedrichshafen 2009.

  • 2003 – beginning of helicopter-based unmanned vehicles (grant D) using the experience gained in 3D navigation instrumentation.

  • 2006 – the launch of development of commercial UAS HeRoS based on  successful UAS demonstrator flights and UAS operational experience.

  • 2015 – The helicopter development has been finalized. Steps to allow for mass production, civil certification and serial helicopter flight tests have been taken.A negotiation with EASA has been started in order to allow for flights of the UAS HeRoS in segregated airspace.

  • 2016 – development and testing of version 2.0